words "what colour is hope" on top of a bundle of multi coloured yarn

I suspect that if I dyed yarns based on my mood there would have been a LOT of angry reds recently. It feels like the Tory government seems to delight in setting new lows – almost like they can’t quite believe their luck in what they’ve been able to get away with.

So instead I’m asking what colours you think of when you think of hope. It might be seaside colours, or spring bulbs or your favourite sandwich filling.

Next Monday at 1800 I’ll pick a winner from all the suggestions and turn it into a self striping sock yarn colourway. Don’t knit socks? I’ll turn it into mini skeins for you instead.

Here’s what I need: Tell me two, three or four colours which suggest hope to you. You can go with a description – or you can share a photo using Instagram and tag it with #theknittinggoddess and #whatcolourishope so I see it. If you do that please leave me a comment on Instagram too (you’ll find this post on my grid) , telling me what you’ve chosen – that means everything is in one place and that makes my life a lot easier. I also need a name for your colourway.

To recap – Colours (two, three or four) and a name for your colourway

The prize can be posted worldwide. There’s no alternative or cash option. The winning colourway will be available in the shop and 50% of the proceeds from it will be split between Refuge and Stonewall. You can also enter via Facebook and the Instagram – but please just enter on one. Duplicate entries won’t be considered.

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