set of 12 mini skeins in all the stars in the sky colourway. Skeins go from purple to black and all have white splodges. Arranged in a spiral. Shot from above.

When Lisa and I started talking colourways for mini skein sets (and I can’t begin yo tell you how much that has brightened up my inbox!) she asked if I’d like her to write a few words about the colours she suggested.

Silly question, right?

The mini skein sets will be in the shop from 1800 on Thursday 26th January.

Here’s Lisa

All the Stars in the Night Sky

The other evening I was standing at the sink, washing up supper dishes and cooking pans before bed.  I looked up and through the window saw the moon, all veiled by wisps of clouds that seemed to colour the night sky from it’s usual dark. I dried my hands and went outside to stand in our garden, to take just a few minutes and breathe in the stillness and quiet.  Surrounded by darkness, the cold air tingling over my cheeks, my face looking upwards at the moon, night bathing in an eerie light of shadows.

The haze of clouds slowly passed across the moon, colouring the sky all smoked quartz purples, cobweb grey, and charcoal. Creating swirls that dissolved and bled out into the night sky like frosted breath on a frosty morning or steam from kettle boiling water for tea.

The rest of the sky was star lit, twinkling brightness in scattered patterns above me.

The cold night air begins to nip my nose, my eyes water and I close them, trying to remember it all, drinking in how this feels, the cold, dark, stars, moon, night shadows and low whisperings from the silhouetted trees across the way.

Star lit and night magics, world paused and still for a brief moment ’til I my fingertips burn numb and I hurry in, grateful for the warm bed that awaits me.