A collection of christmas gift ideas for knitters and crocheters.

Some of these come from our shop. Most come from other small businesses.

Links will take you to individual shops.

Before you start clicking on lovely things a word about posting dates. Right now there are postal strikes planned between now and Christmas. So please leave time for things to be delivered, especially if you’re buying something which is made to order.

Let’s start with project bags – bags designed to hold knitting or crochet projects. Buying for someone who makes sweaters? They’ll appreciate a large project bag. Buying for someone who takes their knitting everywhere? Something smaller which doesn’t take up too much room will work beautifully.

Ripstop cotton project bag with CREATE CHANGE CREATE BEAUTY print from The Knitting Goddess. The fabric is shower resistant so it’s perfect for projects on the go, and for taking to the pub.

project bag African wax print fabric

If you’re looking for a project bag with lots of colour, these bags from Soft Accents UK might be perfect.

yarn basket made with yellow twed

Storage solutions are always a good choice, and yarn baskets from Sue Can Sew could be your ideal gift.

notions pouch made with spotted teapot fabric

Notions pouches from Jo Knit Sew are ideal for keeping small items from escaping.

yarn sock made with multicolour sheep print

Yarn socks are a way of keeping balls of yarn from rolling about while they’re being used, and they also help keep yarn clean. Handmade by Jayney has these in lots of prints.

leather wrist band in pale tan leather

One thing that will always be appreciated is a tape measure. These leather bracelets from Bellweather Yarns can be worn when they’re not being used.

Stitch markers are a way of keeping track of where you are in a project. They come in a bewildering variety of styles. Knitters can use markers with hooks that open and markers on sealed jump rings. Crocheters need stitch markers with hooks that open. If you’re not sure just let the seller know what craft the markers are meant for and they’ll make sure you get the right thing.

set of stitch markers with hook fastenngs, including a mermaid design

These stitch markers from The Woolly Tangle have a seaside theme – and the hooks make them perfect for knitting and crochet projects.

stitch markers made with pompoms

Pompom stitch markers from Dina’s House of Crafts come in lots of colours, and have hook fastenings.

festive stitch markers, set of four

Polymer clay stitch markers from The Treddling Woman have a festive theme. These aren’t suitable for crochet, but they’d a be a nice gift for a knitter.

tin of crochet notions

Designed for crocheters, this tin from The Crochet Project has stitch markers, a ruler, hook gauge and more.

If you’d like something a little more unusual, these gift ideas might be just what you want.

mug with crochet hexagon design

Crocheters will love this mug from Dear Ewe, as the design shows a chart for a granny hexagon.

candle in screw top jar, labelled with 45 hours crafting time

45 hours of crafting would be a dream for any maker, and these candles from Tillyflop Designs are sure to be appreciated.

macrame bunting in rinbow colours

Kits are always fun for makers and this rainbow bunting kit from Kiln and Craft is a colourful project.

worry sheep with bags, natural and rainbow colours

Worry sheep from Sheepy Things would be a great gift for someone who has a lot on their mind.

outline of human figures on a yellow background

Looking for a present for confident knitter who would like to be able to design their own sweater? Knit Anything offers just that.

How did we select these gift ideas? We asked members of a group for yarn show vendors if they had gifts which would work. That means the work comes from businesses who have exhibited at yarn shows round the country. It seemed like a nice way of supporting the businesses who are our neighbours at shows and part of our online community.

We hope you’ve found the perfect gift idea here – but if you’re still struggling to decide (or if you’re reading this in a panic on 23rd December) we sell gift vouchers which arrive instantly.