I don’t know about you but right now my brain feels it has a lot to cope with. I’m very aware that I’m hugely lucky in that I can work from home, that I don’t suddenly have to consider trying to home school kids and that I’m not a key worker who is exposed to risk every day. So there’s lots to be very thankful for.

If you’re staying at home and social distancing it’s likely that you’ve been doing more online browsing than usual. Maybe you’ve found the perfect pattern for what you want to make. Maybe you’ve managed to compile a Pinterest board with several hundred options.

Maybe you’ve always worked from home because of health or other issues, and right now you’re totally fed up of hearing everyone else talk about working from home like they invented it.

Maybe you’d like a little less choice and a little more simplicity?

We’ve teamed up with Kate Atherley to suggest four sock patterns which would work beautifully with any of our semi solid Britsock colours.

If you have yarn that you’d like to use you can buy the patterns here. Please note one of the links on this page will take you to Ravelry – it’s clearly marked.

If you’d like yarn as well we’ve put together the option to get one of the patterns for £2. We’ll then send the pattern for you via Payhip. For transparency we’re purchasing the patterns at full price, so the difference between what you pay and what the pattern costs us comes from profit on the yarn. It might seem like an odd thing to explain pricing, but this collaboration came about after a twitter thread about how all the free patterns being released are having an impact on what designers earn.

I had the lovely job of getting to pick patterns from Kate’s extensive design library. I spent a very happy hour in there (and if you’re looking for shawl patterns it’s well worth a look as there are some beauties).

In the end I picked four socks patterns that look manageable with a frazzled brain yet interesting enough to be nicely distracting. The Confetti socks look the most straightforward (and I’ll be casting on in one of our variegated yarns just as soon as my current sock in progress is done)

Kate Atherley Argy Bargy Socks

Argy Bargy Socks. Image Copyright Kate Atherley.

Kate Atherley Walking On Sunshine Image Copyright Gill Martin

Walking on Sunshine Socks. Image Copyright Gill Martin.

Kate Atherley Northern Lights Socks Image Copyright Gill Martin

Northern Lights Socks. Image Copyright Gill Martin.

Kate Atherley Confetti Socks

Confetti Socks. Image Copyright Kate Atherlery.

We’ll keep this offer in place until the end of April. At the moment UK post seems to be arriving well (and yarn squishes nicely through letter boxes). Overseas post is understandably slower. We’re posting once a week and our next post collection is on Friday.

Take care of yourself the best you can


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