Yesterday we told you about the Pride rainbow of self striping sock yarns which are ready for the shop update this week.

The other yarn being added this week is also Pride rainbow coloured – this time on Britsock mini skeins.

trio 2 pride rainbow mini skein britsock-blue-faced-leicester-wensleydale-a

We’ve taken the original Pride flag colours and overdyed them with coal, charcoal and silver to produce different levels of shade.

silver pride rainbow mini skein-britsock-blue-faced-leicester-wensleydale-a

Silver Pride Rainbow mini skeins

charcoal pride rainbow mini skein-britsock-blue-faced-leicester-wensleydale

Charcoal Pride Rainbow mini skeins

coal pride rainbow mini-skein-britsock-blue-faced-leicester-wensleydale-alp

Coal Pride Rainbow mini skeins.

The mini skeins are dyed onto our Britsock base, and each set has eight 10g / 40m minis skeins – so 80g and 320m of yarn in total.

We’re going to donate 50% of the proceeds from the Pride rainbow mini skeins to charity. We’re going to split that money equally between Stonewall UK and BLMUK (Black Lives Matter UK) 

We’ve chosen to donate to the UK arm of both charities as both racism and homophobia are still rife in the UK. It’s not a problem that only exists elsewhere. 

Donating 50% of the proceeds from each sale means we cover the cost of materials,  tax and VAT and contribute to studio costs. That means we can continue to support charities on an ongoing basis.

If you’d like to support the charities directly the links are


Stonewall UK

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