This week’s shop update is about self striping sock yarn. I’m a huge fan of yarns where the colours stripe as you knit socks and mitts. They’re great fun to work with and they’re perfect for projects where you don’t have to concentrate.

Ball of self striping sock yarnHope ~ the light within the dark , dark grey, purple and blue with speckles of bright pink, gold and lilac

The first yarn is the winning entry in our What Colour Is Hope? competition. Lots of dark colours with pops of bright yellow, pink and lilac. This reminds me of the photos you see of far flung galaxies, and I love the mix of bright pops of colour and the darker shades.

Then there are three colourways which started out the same way. All three start life as our self striping rainbow colourway – so eight stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, violet and pink. Then the skeins are overdyed, and interesting things happen.

Ball of self striping sock yarnPink Rainbow . Rainbow colours overdyed with bright pink giving sunset colours,

Overdyeing with pink gives lots of warm colours which remind me of sunsets. There’s something beautifully happy about this colourway, and although pink isn’t usually my first colour choice I’m very tempted by a pair of these.

Ball of self striping sock yarn Golden Rainbow . Rainbow colours overdyed with bright gold giving brigth oranges, yellows and limes colours

Overdyeing with yellow gives a colourway with masses of pop, especially in the greens which are a bright lime. I love what the yellow does to the purple, producing a shade that’s between plum and brown.

Ball of self striping sock yarn Blue Rainbow . Rainbow colours overdyed with blue giving a tinted rainbow,

The final colourway in the batch was created by overdyeing with blue. You can see hints of all the original colours through the overdyeing, and it gives a rainbow which is a little less obvious.

If you love the idea of a yarn with little pops of colour but don’t need the stripes there’s a version of Hope : The Light Within The Dark which has been dyed onto our Britsock base. As this isn’t a way of dyeing I do much of I’ve knitted up a quick sample so you can see how the colours will work if you make socks or mitts.

The last thing in this weeks shop update is a new project bag. Embroidered with a heart shaped ball of yarn and the words YARN LOVER it’s a great way to keep your project safe while showing your love of all things woolly.

That’s this weeks shop update and you’ll everything in the online shop now. What’s your favourite?