Self striping sock yarn is one of my favourite things to knit with. There’s something about watching the colours change that’s incredibly satisfying, and it makes it all to easy to give in to the temptation for just one more row.

Now that there’s a new BFL nylon base I wanted to get self striping sock yarn back into the shop as quickly as possible, so there are 12 colourways to start with.

I’ve gone with a mix of old favourites and some new choices, so if you’re looking for fresh colours or something you missed first time round there’s something for you.

I had a lovely time over the weekend knitting up swatches of each of the colours. If I’m making socks for me I use 64 stitches and 2mm knitting needles, and that’s what the samples were worked on.

8 swatches of self striping sock yarn arranged in overlapping circle

Eight of the colourways will give you equal stripes of 4 colours. I’m especially fond of the Chocquoise colourway, and I think that might have to become a pair of fingerless mitts.

knitted swatches of rainbow and dark rainbow sock yarn. Both red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, violet and pink stripes. Dark rainbow is overdyed with black.

Then there are two rainbow colourways which give narrower stripes of eight colours. These yarns start out as the same bright rainbow, then the dark rainbow has another trip through a black dye bath.

Finally for this batch of colours I wanted to play with stripes which weren’t equal – so meet Jelly Bean and candy Cane.

jelly bean yarn,bright pink and lime green Sample showing how it knits up.
candy cane yarn red and green broad stripes separated by narrow stripes of white sample showing how it knits up.

Yes, Candy Cane screams christmas and no I’m not at all sorry about that.

You can find all of the new self striping sock yarns in the shop right now.

What will you choose to cast on with?