It’s been far too long since we’ve had Britsock in the shop. Our Britsock yarn is custom spun for us by John & Juliet Arbon, and when the latest batch arrived I was more excited than usual.

Britsock is different.

Our previous Britsock had 20% Wensleydale wool in it. That’s been replaced with Masham because Wensleydale is increasingly difficult and expensive to source.

The new yarn is similar to the previous one, and it still contains Blue Faced Leicester, alpaca and nylon. Adding the Masham has given it an extra bounce which I love. It’s a proper woolly wool. It smells like sheep in the best possible way. It dyed like a dream.

We’ve never had a yarn from John & Juliet Arbon that I’m not delighted with – but I think this might be the best one yet that they’ve spun for us.

This Wednesday we’ll be adding lost of semi solid colours to the shop. Then we’ll get to multi colours (which I’m hugely excited about because have mentioned how beautifully this stuff takes dye). Finally we’ll add mini skein sets. So there’s lots of Britsock to come. That makes me very happy.

For now I wanted to share three photos to let you see the colour ranges we have so far.

Five skeins of hand dyed britsock yarn - Superhero Genes from light to dark

We couldn’t start with anything but Superhero Genes colours. These colours are dyed in memory of Adam, the much missed brother of my lovely friend Scully. Scully is the biggest Britsock fan ever – so much so that on more than one occasion I’ve been told that if we stop dyeing Britsock she’ll stop speaking to me! She’s had a sneaky smoosh of a skein of the new blend and loves it.

Skeins of hand dyed britsock yarn - cream, greays and balck

Then lots of greys, ranging from a cream with the slightest smidge of grey to an almost solid black. These are the colours that work with other yarns to create stunning combinations, and they’re always popular. We’ll keep these seven colours as part of our range so you’ll be able to come back to them again and again (although please buy enough of a batch for whatever you are making as batches will vary)

Skeins of hand dyed britsock yarn - silver floral rainbow

Finally there are eight colours which come together to make a rainbow. I’ve added a little black to these so they’re a little more muted. I’m completely obsessed with the silver marigold which is almost hidden in the bottom row – everything I’ve put it with for photos makes me think of more sweaters I’d like to knit!

These yarns will be available in the shop on Wednesday 14h July at 1400, so if you’re browsing before then you’ll get a page saying no products are found.

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