I mean, there are so many puns you could make about the Tory government right now. They’re a continuing joke as they seem to try ever harder to prove they’re not fit to run – well anything really. If they’re not doing their best to breach national security they’re throwing their toys out of the pram because they didn’t get a cabinet post and running off to the jungle. So, in collaboration with Rusty Ferret Yarns please welcome Lettuce Eat Cake and Tories Are Toxic.

two skeins of Lettuce Eat Cake yarn and a skein of Tories are Toxic yarn

Yes, I know Tories are toxic is a statement of fact. Look at the state of the NHS. At how asylum seekers are demonised. At how many contracts go to companies with no experience but great connections. It’s grim. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, that it’s too bad to fix. Yet small gestures make a difference.

LJ from Rusty Ferret Yarns and I have pulled together a pair of yarns with the aim of raising some money for a couple of awesome charities.

LJ will be raising money for Depher , a charity which provides vulnerable people with access to affordable heating and plumbing services. That’s help with things like no heating or hot water.

I’ll be rising money for The Trussell Trust, a charity behind many of the UK food banks. This comes from their website:

For the first time ever, food banks are giving out more food than is being donated. This is an emergency.”

We started chatting about this collaboration during the last days of Liz Truss as PM. LJs colourway is inspired by the live feed wondering if Liz would be outlasted by a lettuce. The lettuce won.

two skeins of Lettuce eat cake yarn, a blend of greens and neon speckles from Rusty Ferret Yarn

Lettuce Eat Cake is  blend of greens combined with a section of neon sprinkles for a bit of the Rusty Ferret signature style.

two skeins of black nd blue yarn with the text "TORIES ARE TOXIC"

Tories are Toxic is a tory blue that’s been resist overdyed with black, so only small areas of blue remain. It’s a take on how grim thinks are after 12 years of a Tory government. It keeps getting worse.

hnd knitted sock in black and blue Tories Are Toxic yarn

The sample shows how the yarn knits up as a a sock, and it would look similar in fingerless mitts.

We’ll each be donating £5 from each skein we sell – this allows us to cover material costs, pay taxes (hey, we’ve not huge energy companies, we have tax bills), and keep doing things like that.

You can find both Lettuce Eat Cake and Tories Are Toxic here.

Thank you – and here’s to better days and to a government that doesn’t try to divert attention form its failings by sending an arsehole off to the jungle to eat kangaroo anus.