We’ve opened sign ups for the July yarn clubs.

jan splodge and semi bw

Yarn clubs are a great way to have surprise yarn arrive through your letter box. They’re a brilliant way to try a colour that you might not have chosen foryourself. We understad that not everyone feels that way. Some people are mcuh happier to know exactly what they are signing up for. If that’s you – we’ve got you covered.

When we open sign ups for the clubs we’re already dyed up samples of all the colours.

Our yarn clubs are dyed on our gorgeous Britsock base, and are available in semi solid, spodge and multi colour versions. There’s also a set of mini skeins.

jan minis and semi bw

We leave sign up for the clubs open for a month, or until we run out of capacity. So by the end of May sign ups will close and we’ll get busy dyeing and packing. In the past we’ve posted the overseas clubs a few days before those for the UK and everything has arrived at roughly the same time. Right now trying to make that calculation is impossible, so we’ll plan to post the overseas clubs in mid June and the UK clubs a week later.

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