On the blog yesterday I showed several suggestions for colour combinations where you want two skeins.
If you’re looking for yarn for a bigger project like a Stephen West shawl two colours might not be enough.

Lets start with combining colours with charcoal and black. The good news about this is that it always works. Everything goes with charcoal and black. The second bit of good news is that often these contrasts make your colour pop. As always that’s an exception and if you add another very dark colour it won’t stand out – instead you’ll get a beautifully moody colour shift which is gorgeous if you don’t want a big difference between the colours.

This would work with our superhero genes as well – pick the two you like best to go with your chosen contrast.

If you want your third colour to really pop then choose contrasts that are lighter or darker than it. So using the lightest two or darkest two of the superhero genes with a contrast will give it more impact than using the lightest and darkest. That would be stunning too, it just changes where your eye is drawn.

What if you’re all about the colours? I like combinations where two colours are close together and one is very different. To me it makes it less likely that the colours will fight. Your eye gets more drawn to the colours that’s different, but as there’s less of it the colours look balanced.

three skeins of yarn - silver rose, silver geranium, silver hellebore
Silver rose, silver geranium, silver hydrangea

The new Britsock colours will be in the shop from 1430 on Wednesday 14th July. What colours would you love to put together?