Britsock mini skeins are back. Hurray for that.

Mini skeins are a fantastic way to get a lot of colour into a project quickly, and they save the need for big skeins of yarn when you only want a small amount.

There’s another reason mini skeins work so well – the sets have been dyed so that all of the colours work together. I love playing with colour (just as well given my job) – but I know that putting colours together can be tricky, especially when you’re relying on a computer skein. So mini skein sets do lots of that work for you – and that’s a huge bonus.

Each set of rainbow mini skeins has 80 grams and 320 meters of yarn. That’s enough for a pair of fingerless mitts, a fantastic pair of stripey socks (possibly with a little extra yarn if you have generously sized feet) or masses of contrast in a shawl.

I’m making plans to incorporate a set into a cardigan – so sections of colour offset with a more neutral navy.

Before that though I want a pair of fingerless mitts. I knitted up several pairs of these as samples for kits, and I’d like a pair that was 100% rainbow. That’s perfect knitting for right now while it’s hot in the UK (and where I’m watching odd sporting events late at night and need a simple project).

The original kits had a contrast for the cuffs and rib at the top – so instead I’m going to have wider stripes or repeat the colours twice (or probably one of each). If you’re buying mini skeins from us and would like a copy of the pattern just let me know in the checkout notes. The printed pattern refers to the yarn in the kit, so you’ll need to work out your own stripe sequence – but 140 rounds and eight colours means 17 or 18 rounds of each so it’s not the worst mathematical problem ever!

You’ll find all of our mini skein sets here – which will you choose?