I’ve been busy putting together Yarndale 2022 bundles. Yarndale takes place at Skipton Auction Mart on the 24th and 25th of September.

I moved to North Yorkshire a few weeks before the first Yarndale, so it’s always been a local show for me. It’s one of the larger shows, and this year there are just under 200 exhibitors.

One benefit of being in the auction mart is that the show is well ventilated. Very well ventilated! I’ve exhibited at shows where it’s been hot, stuffy and airless – and that sounds like something to avoid. So Yarndale is perfect – and it’s usually weather which allows you to show off knitwear which is always a bonus.

This year we’re on stand L2 which is near the back door (the bus stop end) and the Lairage Cafe. You can find a floorplan here

The first Yarndale was 10 years ago. To celebrate that milestone we’ve updated one of our rainbow colourways with tin grey.

skein of yarn dyed with rainbow colours and tin grey
A Tin Of Rainbows on BFL nylon 4ply yarn

There’s also a special project bag for the show. Created and embroidered by Bobbie, this features our iconic rainbow sheep.

yarndale 2022 project bag with embroidered rainbow sheep project bag, skein of yarn in a tin of rainbows and badges from The Knitting Goddess and The Unruly Stitch

The bundle is completed with a couple of badges.

Yarn, bag and badges would cost £34, but as a show special these are £30. You can buy one at the show. You can pre order one to collect at the show (and you can order anything else in the shop for collection too). If you’re not able to make it to the show you can have a bundle posted. I’ll post bundles out on Monday 19th September.

Are you coming to Yarndale? – let me know as I’d love to say hello.