Yes that’s cowls – there are two very different sizing options for this cowl.

grey knitted cowl on a mannequin

Version 1 is what I think of as a standard cowl shape. It’s a tube which sits loosely round your neck. I love this style of cowl for the workshop where I know it’s going to be cold all the time – there’s nothing to get in my way. I can also tuck the top of the cowl under the bottom of a hat at the back for extra warmth – it’s draughty in the workshop at times!

turquoise knitted cowl shown on a mannequin

Version 2 is half as tall and a little more than twice as wide. That gives you the choice of twisting the cowl round you twice for a snug fit, or wearing it as a longer loop. I love this style of cowl when I’m moving between warmer and cooler places. It’s easy to unloop the cowl and make it cooler to wear without needing to take the cowl off and carry it. So I think of version 2 as more of a layering option.

There are a couple of things which make this pattern a real pleasure to knit whichever version you choose.

First there’s the yarn. The Travelling Ribs Cowls both use a 100 gram skein of DK BFL and a 25 gram skein of Moonbroch. We’ve put some kits together, and of course you can choose your own colour combination. To make that easier we have plenty of 25 gram skeins of Moonbroch.

Combining the two yarns gives something special – a fairly solid and sturdy yarn with a light fluffy haze. The colours work together too, giving a subtle marl.

If you happen to have a leftover ball of DK yarn – perhaps from finishing a garment – combining it with Moonbroch would be a lovely way to make a cowl that went with your garment without being too matchy matchy.

The DK used in this pattern has 225 meters in the 100 gram skein – but a few meters more or less won’t cause any problems.

The second thing that makes this pattern such a pleasure to knit is that you don’t need to count rounds or spend time figuring out which row of the pattern you need to work next. The stitch count and pattern work together to allow you to just keep repeating the knit and purl stitch combination. As you do that the bands of rib will travel round the cowls. Sort of like magic. But maths.

You can find the pattern for the Travelling Ribs Cowls on Payhip.

turquoise knitted cowl shown as a bundle