Social media is a funny beast at the best of times. Sometimes it ramps the oddness up a lot.

Yesterday I added a couple of new things to the shop. Things are set up so that as new items get listed they should also show up in a catalogue of Facebook which then lets me link to products from Instagram. In turn this should make it easier for customers to find products that they see on social media.

tin with bamboo disc stitch markers, engraved with sheep design , plus ruler and needle gauge

Cute little stitch markers in a tin met with Facebook’s approval. The ruler and needle gauge however? Rejected. Apparently it violates Facebook policies. Somehow that makes me love our rulers a little more!

I started making these rulers and needle gauges for the 2020 advent calendars. Getting more cut and added to the shop has been on my to do list for a while. I use the needle gauge a lot – it’s ideal for checking crochet hook sizes as well as those for knitting pins, and a couple of my hooks have sizes which have worn off. Although I wasn’t thinking of checking wraps per inch when I made these it works beautifully for when I get a chance to do some spinning.

Meanwhile the ‘acceptable to Facebook’ stitch markers have the option of lever back clasps instead of (or as well as) jump rings.

Jump rings are great if you want a marker which sits on your knitting needles and – this is important – isn’t at the start or end of a needle. Then jump rings fall off and that’s beyond irritating.

Offering lever back clasps means the markers can sit over knitting needles – but can also be clipped in place in your work so you can see where a round starts. This means they also work beautifully for crochet – there’s plenty of space to fasten the catch round a stitch so you can track pattern repeats, shaping or even which stitch is actually the start of your row (or maybe that’s just me)

You can find both stitch markers and rejected rulers in our notions section