A couple of years ago we had a very special sock yarn spun for us. Using a blend of BFL and mohair allowed us to have a hard wearing yarn which didn’t contain any nylon. It was great stuff. As we reached the end of the batch we needed to decide if we wanted to get another batch spun. It was a tough call because we loved this yarn, but we didn’t want to have so many custom spun yarns which mean buying a minimum of 100kg of a base – and then juggling with mill production schedules.

BM100 gunmetal

This yarns isn’t just good for socks – it’s hard wearing enough for any garment, and the fibres give it a lovely shine. It would make a great sweater or shawl.

So why are we telling you about a yarn that’s discontinued? When we decided not to order a new batch from the mill I put some of our remining stock to one side as it works beautifully through my standard gauge knitting machine. There have been a steady stream of emails asking if we have any more of this base, and we’ve decided to add all of the remaining skeins to the shop with 10% off their original price. 

BM50 turquoise

There are both 50g and 100g skeins available, so if you’d like some smaller skeins for colurwork this would be a great option.

The yarns will be in the shop at 1900 UK time on Thursday 18th June. You’ll find them in the NEW section until the next update then they’ll transfer to the Last Chance section.

We’ve also added a few more colours in our new BFL nylon base. This is perfect for socks, and also works well in garments and accessories. It would be a good choice for baby clothes too as it’s superwash treated so can be machine washed.

We’ve added three multi colours.

trio blue faced leicester nylon sok yarn british hand dyed in Yorkshire the

These yarns will be in the NEW section from 1900 on the 18th of June, then when we next update the shop you’ll find them with the rest of the BFL Nylon.