Thank you to everyone who applied for one of our skint skeins which are part of #operationsjw. We knew there would be demand for this, but it was higher than anticipated and we know that means a lot of folk missed out.

We’re delighted to be able to confirm that that lovely folk at Laxtons have kindly offered us some extra yarn to give away. These skeins might have come back from a show without a bag, or there’s been an extra skein at the end of a run. They might be something that’s been discontinued. So it’s gorgeous yarn.

Andrea from Laxtons has kindly labelled every skein she’s sending so we know what everything is. We’re planing to dye these skeins on Thursday so they’ll be ready to send on Friday.

For those that don’t know Laxtons they’re a Yorkshire company who specialise in spinning beautiful yarns. Many of our yarn bases come from them including our much loved BFL Masham. They’re great folk to deal with, and for any dyers who are looking for bases I can really recommend them.

For transparency we should say that Laxtons were happy to give us yarn without their name being mentioned, but we wanted to let folk know they were offering this help and where the yarn was produced.

Andrea has sent me a list of what’s due to arrive tomorrow – and it’s more yarn than I was expecting. There’s a mix of weights and bases. Given this we’re going to reopen applications for a skint skein. We’ll do this tomorrow once I’ve checked exactly what’s in the box. Then I can list which yarns are available and people can apply for the one they’d like most.

As before these skeins will be available for anyone who would like a skein of hand dyed yarn but can’t afford one. We don’t need or want an explanation. If you tell us that’s your situation we believe you. Simple as that.