Wist Tha Bahn? Pattern Booklet – Printed Copy


  • printed pattern booklet
  • 6 shawls
  • simple to knit designs
  • find your new favourite thing to wrap up in

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(That’s how they ask “Where are you going?” in Yorkshire dialect)

This booklet contains 6 shawls







At The Knitting Goddess we’re passionate about colour and provenance. We love British wool. So all of the wool in the yarns we dye starts if as fleece from UK flocks before being processed and spun in the UK.

The yarns used in this book were spun by Laxtons in Yorkshire, We’re extremely lucky to have a mill less than 20 miles away from us. The journey from the mill to our workshop passes through several villages and towns, and these have provided names for the shawls.

Our digital patterns are available through Payhip, and you can buy both the booklets and individual patterns. The book has a code on the inside cover which allows you to download free digital copy from Payhip.