This week’s shop update is a real mix of lots of colour and lots of neutrals.

Let’s start with the colour.

Our rainbow mini skein sets are always popular – and now we’ve added them in our BFL nylon sock base too.

There’s been a restock of the Pride Rainbow mini skeins on the Britsock base too.

Whichever base you choose, when you buy the yarn we’ll gift you a pattern (worth £5) to make a pair of fingerless mitts. I’ve found fingerless mitts really useful as a way of keeping my hands warm while letting me get on with typing or other jobs that need fingertips.

hands wearing striped fingerless mitts and holding small balls of yarn

Then neutral colours. We dye lots of greys – they work beautifully with every other colour, allowing more punchy colours to shine. Grey is beautiful on it’s own too – and it’s perfect if you happen to be knitting for someone who is allergic to colour!

As well as dyeing yarn we’ve been screen printing – and now seemed like the perfect time to put our MAKING IS POLITICAL print onto both zip pouches and tote bags. The zip pouches will hold one or two skein projects, while the tote bags will comfortable take more than a kilo of yarn. I’ve found a tote bag makes a great home for a sweater in progress and I can use a smaller bag to take a section of that with me.

We chose a dark grey for the tote bags – cream canvas seems to have an uncanny ability to attract dirt while black is great at showcasing fluff. So grey is a great background that will look immaculate for much longer between washes.