From 1st July 2021 sending orders to the EU has become more complicated as we now need to account for and pay VAT on those orders under EUR150.

As with so much of the chaos surrounding Brexit what look like workable solutions turn out to be a  lot less simple than they appear.

Royal Mail are piloting a Post Delivered Duties Paid (PDDP) Scheme which looks like it will work for us. However after more than a month of chasing we’re still waiting for details of how this will integrate with our website.

So as a temporary measure we’re going to process orders for the EU through Etsy. As this is a selling platform it means Etsy takes responsibility for charging VAT and any other duties due and remitting them. That should mean that EU parcels don’t get delayed at customs and the price you pay at checkout is all you pay. 

To make this work we’re asking EU customers to checkout as normal on the website and select the EU Customers only payment option. This registers your order so we know what you want to buy but it doesn’t charge you. The price you see will include postage but won’t include VAT. Then we’ll set your order up on Etsy as a custom order, and when you pay for this VAT and any other charges which need to be collected for your country will be applied. No postage costs will be applied by Etsy.

It’s not a long term solution as it’s going to cause short delays while we put orders onto Etsy and wait for payment, but right now it seems like the best solution. We’ll cover the extra costs involved in using Etsy.

If your order is over £135 (that’s EUR150) please check out as normal as we still send these orders without VAT and you’ll be liable for VAT and customs charges.

Please contact us if you need more information.