Mini skeins are brilliant fun. They can be used to add a pop of colour to a project or to create something with masses of colour.

Mini skeins have been one the most popular things we’ve ever dyed – and having them on our Britsock base makes them extra special.

set of eight mini skeins arranged so touching colours contrast

Mini skeins come in sets of either 8 or 12 – so 320 meters or 480 meters a set. The set of 8 is enough for a pair of socks for most feet without leaving much left – so if you want more choice about where you put your colours you might want to use some stash yarn for heels and toes. A set of 8 is also plenty for a pair of fingerless mitts.

hands wearing striped fingerless mitts and holding small balls of yarn

Set s of 12 mini skeins give you enough yarn for a small shawl – and adding a skein of contrast yarn gives you masses of options.

We make our mini skeins by splitting up 100 gram skeins – they don’t come to us in little 10 gram skeins. The extra work involved in reskeining makes mini skeins more expensive than big skeins. That makes them extra temping in the sale.

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