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Self Striping Sock Yarn Moth Repellent Pouch


  • hand knitted moth repellent pouch
  • knitted from self striping sock yarn
  • contains lavender, cedarwood and rosemary
  • easy to refill

We knit up samples to show how the self striping sock yarn samples will knit up. As we're switching back to a Yorkshire spun BFL nylon base that means we have lots of samples which were made in the base we're phasing out.

It turns out they make perfect moth repellent bags. Each knitted pouch holds a sachet of lavender, rosemary and cedar wood chippings. We've chosen these for their well known moth repellent qualities and because the combined smell is more pleasant than just lavender. You can add a few drops of essential oil to extend its moth repelling properties - or you can unpick the contrasting stitching and replace the sachet. Unpicking the contrast stitching will leave you with cast on edge, so there are no loose stitches to worry about. We make and fill the scented sachets and the cotton pouches.

Each moth repellent bag is approximately 9cm square (3.5in)

Pouches are knitted with a 75% superwash British BFL, 25% nylon yarn which is spun in Peru and hand dyed in our Yorkshire studio.

There's one of each colourway - please pick the number of the pouch you'd like from the drop down menu.If the number isn't shown that means that pouch has been sold.

We're donating all of the proceeds from these to the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.