Moonbroch – Pride Mini Skeins


  • 72% kid mohair, 28% silk hand dyed yarn
  • approximately 332m / 40g per set of mini skeins
  • adds a stunning haze of fluff
  • combines with other yarns
  • laceweight yarn
  • hand dyed in our Yorkshire studio

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72% kid mohair, 28% silk hand dyed yarn. Approximately 332m / 40g per set of 8 mini skeins.

Each mini skein is approximately 42m / 5g

Moonbroch is a luxury kid mohair and silk laceweight yarn with a fluffy haze.

A moonbroch is a halo round the moon and it's a perfect description for the glorious mohair haze offered by this yarn.

Indie dyed in our Yorkshire studio. This fluffy blend of kid mohair and silk yarn is a laceweight yarn. It works well on it's own and also combines beautifully with other yarns where it offers a soft haze of colour.

Our kid mohair and silk yarn comes from South Africa and is sourced through a Yorkshire mill.

Care for this yarn by hand washing it with a mild detergent and drying flat.

Hand dyed yarn varies between skeins and batches. Please ensure you buy enough yarn to complete your project and alternate between skeins for multi skein projects.

Batch 21J