Be Reyt Yarn – Blue


  • 4ply yarn
  • perfect for socks, accessories and garments
  • 60% Exmoor Blueface, 20% Corriedale, 10% Zwartables, 10% nylon
  • not superwash treated
  • hand dyed in our Yorkshire studio

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This is a wonderfully woolly yarn which is perfect for socks, accessories and garments.

We've called this yarn Be Reyt in tribute to our Yorkshire home - it's the classic response when things are going wrong and it's a way of saying it will turn out ok in the end. This is a yarn that will take anything you throw at it and come out smiling.

60% Exmoor Blueface , 20% Corriedale , 10% Zwartbles , 10% Nylon

Approximately 50g / 200m per skein

Spun by John Arbon in Devon. The Exmoor Blueface and Zwartables fleece comes from UK flocks while the Corriedale is from the Falklands. All fleece is processed and spun in the UK.

Exmoor Blueface is a cross bread of Exmoor Horn and Bluefaced Leicester, giving a yarn that is both sturdy and soft. The Zwartables is a coloured fleece, adding a soft grey to the yarn.

Care for this yarn by hand washing it with a mild detergent and drying flat.

Hand dyed yarn varies between skeins and batches. Please ensure you buy enough yarn to complete your project and alternate between skeins for multi skein projects.

Batch 0922 and 0922A. Orders of five or less skeins will come from the same batch.