Once again this weeks shop update is all about Pride rainbows. 


We’ve dyed eight new self striping sock colours on our Britsock base. Each colourway has short runs of pink, yellow and turquoise surrounded by a longer run of one of the eight colours from the original pride flag.


There’s plenty of yarn in each cake for socks for most feet. 100 grams and 400 meters of sock yarn goes a long way.


These colours will be in the shop update at 1900 UK time on Thursday evening so if you are browsing before then they won’t show up in the shop.


We’re going to donate 50% of the proceeds from the Pride Rainbows to charity. We’re going to split that money equally between Stonewall UK and BLMUK (Black Lives Matter UK) 

We’ve chosen to donate to the UK arm of both charities as both racism and homophobia are still rife in the UK. It’s not a problem that only exists elsewhere. 

Donating 50% of the proceeds from each sale means we cover the cost of materials,  tax and VAT and contribute to studio costs. That means we can continue to support charities on an ongoing basis.

If you’d like to support the charities directly the links are


Stonewall UK

Shop our self striping sock yarns