postage rates – Europe

All mail leaving the UK will be sent using Tracked Post. Once your order is dispatched you’ll receive an email with a tracking number and link.


Tracked Airmail

All parcels to Europe – £10

Orders to the EU have VAT taken off the value of goods and postage – so postage is £10 less VAT. VAT rates vary from country to country so the postage your pay will vary slightly.



We use a company called EAS to collect VAT and any other charges due on your order if it’s under £135 (EUR150). This is cheaper than having you pay import duties and speeds parcels passing through customs.

That means that all the taxes and charges due on your order will be collected when you check out.  We’re responsible for remitting these to the tax authority in your country. 

If your order is over £135 (that’s EUR150) please check out as normal as we still send these orders without VAT and you’ll be liable for VAT and customs charges. You can also split your order into two or more parcels below the £135 threshold.

Please contact us if you need more information.


EU legislation means that we need to register with different authorities as we use packaging when we post parcels to you. In some cases it’s starightforward – registering in Germany costs us EUR8 a year.

There isn’t an option to register once for the whole EU, and some countries are expensive (France and Spain), others are cery difficult to register with (Poland, Greece, Lithuania and Slovakia)

This may change over time, but for now we’re unable to post orders to France, Spain, Poland, Greece, Lithuania and Slovakia.