Time is running out of you want to save 20% in our year end sale. The sale ends at midnight on the 30th of December, giving us the 31st to get everything packed up and ready to post early in the new year. There’s something about starting the new year with a clean slate which really appeals to me – and we’ll also take some time off in January.

Use code BOXING20 to save 20% on everything except 2022 yarn clubs and gift vouchers.

That’s 20% off self striping yarn. 20% off mini skeins. 20% off a sweaters worth of yarn, or fluffy yarn for a shawl – or whatever you’d love to be casting on with in 2022.

If you’re one of our EU customers we’re happy to arrange to collect the charges you need to pay upfront – and that should make it quicker for your parcel to get to you too.

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