Everyone’s favourite fluffy yarn is back in stock, and this time it’s better than ever.

Moonbroch is a laceweight blend of kid mohair and silk, so there are 420 meters in each 50g skein. That means a single skein is long enough to be held alongside a 100 gram skein of 4ply yarn.

If you’re thinking of combining Moonbroch with a heavier yarn, or working on a smaller project like the Super Simple Cowl you’ll need half that amount. That’s where our new 25g skeins come in. Each has 210m of delicious fluff.

Another advantage of the smaller skeins is that you can combine colours without having to buy so much yarn. Three 25g skeins would give you 630m of yarn – and that would make a stunning haze of a shawl.

These colours suggest a dramatic stormy sky to me, and they’d be perfect with jeans and a sweater.

The caramel colourway was a very happy accident, and I’m relieved that my dye recipe notes will let me recreate it as it’s a keeper. Combining it with the chocolate colourway gives a pairing that you can add a bright pop of colour to. Like Raspberry or Copper……

You’ll find the full range of colours here – which is your favourite?