image of Bridlington beach showing sand, sea and lots of sky. IMgae has been tinted with a yellow overlay.

The March Yarn club is now open.

The January yarn clubs have all been posted (including the one which snuck in under the wire on New Years Eve. That was a gift for someone who knitted their partner socks for Christmas. I’m not sure if the gift is really a request for six more pairs of socks.

March clubs will be posted at the end of February, with those going overseas leaving a little sooner.

One thing that we’re doing differently this year is making it possible to add extra yarn to your club parcel. It struck us that we can post 9 skeins of yarn for the same price as one in the UK. If you wanted an extra skein it could easily go with your club parcel. Overseas customers are paying either £9 or £12 postage for every parcel. Being able to add a skein without paying more postage seems like a good deal.

We don’t expect that you’ll want to wait two months for yarn. If you sign up for a club you’ll get an email at the start of February asking if you’d like to add post free yarn to your next parcel (and if you signed up for the whole year you’ll get the same email)

This year our clubs are inspired by the seaside. There are 4 colour options – semi solid, multicolour, splodge and self striping. They’re available on our British BFL and nylon base.

You’ll be able to sign up for the clubs until early February or until we hit the maximum number we can cope with.

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