hands wearing striped fingerless mitts and holding small balls of yarn
Mini Skein Mitts using Emerald Pride Rainbow Britsock

When this pattern was published it was originally for a kit – so a contrast colour and smaller amounts of eight rainbow colours. Then I realised that a cake of self striping sock yarn would work brilliantly too.

Last week saw Britsock mini skeins back in the shop – and as they come in a set of eight they’re perfect for this project.

The mitts were originally worked over 140 rounds – and 8 colours into 140 rounds doesn’t quite go. So to keep things simple you can add 4 rounds and work 18 rounds in each colour. I added the extra 4 rounds to the rib on the cuff as I didn’t want any extra length at the top.

These stripes were worked in rainbow order, so for mitt two I decided to mix up the order and make the stripes narrower.

Rather than working 18 rounds of each colour I worked 9, and I mixed the colours up to give lots of contrast between the stripes. This gives me a pair of mitts which look like they might know each other although they’re far from identical.. If you’d prefer your mitts to match then choose one stripe pattern. Knitting the medium size I had plenty of yarn left (it’s the small balls).

hands wearing striped fingerless mitts and holding small balls of yarn

You can work any stripe pattern you’d like – aim for 18 rounds in each colour on each mitt and you’ll have plenty of yarn. You could even use 36 rounds of one colour on one mitt and none of it on the other – the possibilities are almost endless.

We’ll be giving away a digital copy of the pattern with each set of mini skeins bought – so all you need is a set of mini skeins and you’re ready to start playing with colour.

To make it a little easier to choose a colourway I’ve photographed the sets rearranged for contrast.

hands wearing striped fingerless mitts touching lime green hosta plant

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