Do you ship to where I live?

Yes. We ship worldwide. Ready to shop?


What kind of dyes do you use?

We use acid dyes. They’re great for producing colourfast and fade resistant yarns. They need citric acid (the stuff on sour fizzy sweets) and heat to set them. Once the dye is exhausted the water is clear and can be used again saving water and energy.


I didn’t buy enough yarn for my project. Do you have any more?

The yarn we have for sale is all listed on the website. There isn’t a secret stash. The only exception to this rule is if Joy has just taken the last skein for something and she might be persuaded to give that up. But that yarn you bought from us at show several years ago? There ins’t any more of that.


My yarn arrived and it isn’t what I expected. What can I do?

We want you to be happy with everything you buy from us – so if your parcel arrives and it isn’t what you want return it to us for a refund. You’ll find all the details on our refund policy here.



Can I telephone you?

Not really. We don’t have a landline at the shop, and mobile reception is patchy at best. 95% of the calls we received were from people trying to sell us stuff we don’t want. Email is the best way to contact us. We check our emails often and reply fast. If you feel it’s essential that you speak to us then contact us giving us a number where we can reach you and an idea of what we’re calling you about.  We’ll call you back within 7 days.


Things We Say No To (Not An Exhautive List!)

Can I visit the workshop?

No. Visitors and a working dye studio are not a good mix. We’re not open for visitors.

Do you teach dye workshops?

No. The workshop isn’t suitable for classes.

Will you donate a prize to my charity?

No. We support several charities that matter to us and we’d prefer to donate everything we can to them.

Will you send me yarn / patterns / a bag so I can review it on my blog?

No. If you don’t love it enough to buy it then why would you want to review it?

Can you custom dye yarn for me?

No. Lots of dyers love doing this. We don’t.

I didn’t buy enough yarn to finish my project. Can you dye more for me?

No. Just no.