It’s fair to say that we’re Tunnocks fans in this house. So when I was in our local fruit and veg shop a couple of weeks ago and they mentioned that supplies of Tunnocks were running low (the factory has been closed since late March due to COVID19) I made a couple of essential purchases.

tunnocks-tea cake-blue-faced-leicester-nylon-hard-wearing-sock-yarn-British

We collaborated with Louise Scollay of WoolWork a while back and dyed some Tunnocks inspired colours to raise money for The Migraine Trust.


This time round we’ve dyed the colours onto our new BFL nylon sock yarn base. These aren’t self striping yarns so the colours will mix together rather than creating clearly defined stripes.

tunnocks-tea cake-biscuit-blue-faced-leicester-nylon-hard-wearing-sock-yarn

The plan is that these yarns will be in the shop update on Thursday 14th May, and that newsletter subscribers will get early access to the first batch.

tunnocks duo 1-blue-faced-leicester-nylon-hard-wearing-sock-yarn-British-in

The yarns before reskeining.

tunnocks duo 2-blue-faced-leicester-nylon-hard-wearing-sock-yarn-British-in

Same yarns, just reskeined. If you wanted to add solid heels and toes the red mini skiens would work beautifully. You could also go for complete contrast. I’d be very tempted to pair the caramel wafer colourway with some turquoise for maximum clashing.