Over the last couple of weeks we’ve restocked Britsock in semi solid and multicolours. That means that the only thing missing is mini skeins – and these will be added to the shop on Wednesday.

Last year we offered Pride Rainbow sets of mini skeins. These used the eight colours of the original Pride Flag (red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple and pink) – and they sold out fast. So it made sense to start our mini skeins on the new Britsock base with some variations on that.

Overdyeing these colours (so putting them through another dye bath) gave us four very different sets.

It’s fascinating to think that the pink pride rainbow skeins started out as the top set – adding pink changes them a huge amount, and they’d be gorgeous with a turquoise like our silver hydrangea for a massive colour hit.

Adding green gives another unusual rainbow set, and I love how the colours work together.

The mini skeins will be added to the shop on Wednesday afternoon. Make sure you never miss an update and get special subscriber only offers by signing up for our newsletter.