2023 advent calendar

colour wheel of mini skeins with a colour overlay to distort the colours

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Let’s start with the obvious question – how can we do this when we’re closing The Knitting Goddess?

Closing The Knitting Goddess gives us time to focus on other projects as we’re not constantly dyeing, listing and photographing yarn, then creating social media content to tell you about it. While creating an advent calendar takes both time and effort it’s very different to running weekly updates.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask about this please contact us

Then the next obvious question – can we deliver an advent calendar this year?

Every year there are dyers who don’t deliver their advent calendars on time, or who don’t deliver what they’ve promised. We’ve never done that. Every single advent calendar we’ve ever sold has been posted on or ahead of schedule with everything we promised included (and often some extra treats too)  We’ve got a really good idea about what’s needed to get an advent calendar put together and posted on time.

We intend that much of the dyeing will be done by the time we leave the workshop in June (and you can see the actual advent colours)- but even if we had to dye every skein at home we’ve got the ability to do that. We’ll be looking to post advent calendars in the week commencing 16th October 2023 – and we’ll  have everything ready by mid September so if there are issues with the postal system we can send orders earlier. Why mid September? Because we’ll be exhibiting at Yarndale (as The Unruly Stitch) at the end of September and we’d like to get this squared away first.

Final obvious question – is my money safe with you?

Yes. Here’s why. We’ll be launching sign ups for the advent calendars in June so you can choose to pay in 4 installments(because that’s what customers have told us they’d like). If you pay with PayPal that means you have until the start of December to open a claim if your advent calendar doesn’t arrive. Paying with Paypal protects you. If you want to use another card or ApplePay, please check with your card issuer as protection periods vary.

If you’d prefer to pay in one go you’ll be able to pay a small non refundable deposit in June and pay the balance in September (but if it suits you to pay earlier you can do that too).

The Knitting Goddess is one of three businesses we run as Simple Perfect Ltd – if you’ve bought from us in the past you might remember seeing that on receipts. So you’ll be dealing with the same company and people as always.

Can I wait and just buy an advent calendar in October or November?

You can – but we can’t guarantee there will be anything left to buy. Numbers are limited – and we do this so that we know we can get everything done in plenty of time.  Early interest and sign ups for details suggests we’re likely to sell out like we ave done every other year. This year we won’t be offering a second batch of calendars – by the time that would be happeneing I’ll be flat out making glass decorations!