Welcome to the 2022 Yarn Club. The 2022 yarn club will have seaside theme – being by the sea is one of my favourite places to be, and there’s lots of colour inspiration there which I can’t wait to draw on.

beach, sea and sky on an overcast day

This photo was taken in Bridlington a few weeks ago. It was absolute bliss to see the sea and taste salt in the air. The ice cream was pretty good too. It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing – the seaside always looks good.

Choosing colours for this club is going to be so much fun.

There will be six packages over the course of the year. These will be posted to arrive in early January, March, May, July, September and November.

The 2022 yarn club will be available on our superwash BFL and nylon base – so 75% superwash British BFL and 25% nylon with 425m to each 100g skein. We’ve chosen to go with the yarn base as we’re certain of it’s supply. If you buy clubs for the whole year we’ll buy all the yarn we need to complete your order in November.

There will be four colour options for each parcel:

Semi solid which will be a single colour with some variation across it. These colours will work well on their own or as neutrals with another yarn. The semi solid colour will always pair well with both multicolour and splodge colours.

Multicolour will have at least three colours, possibly quite a few more. These colours offer a lot more movement and are especially good for colourful socks and garter stitch shawls.

Splodge colours are a whole lot more random. They’ll have a base of a single colour smaller amounts of other colours layered on top. These colours shine in shawls where the more random nature of the colours looks especially good.

Self striping sock yarn will knit socks with stripes – it’s that simple. There are lots of stripe variations I want to play with so you can expect plenty of variation and colour.

The club will stay open for sign ups until the end of November – or until we reach the maximum number of places we can dye for.

If you’d like a club as a present that’s easy to arrange – and we can send a card so there’s something to hand to the lucky recipient.

We ship worldwide.

Ready to sign up?