Dana's Shawl Kit

This shawl was the best seller at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair.  When ever I wear it,  get so many fabulous comments on it.  It is made from Knitting Goddess Silk.  The Silk is so soft and luxurious.  It is the perfect accent for any outfit.

The shawl designed Dana Corman.  The pattern is super easy!  It is knit on a size 11 needle and has a simple 2 row repeat.  The pattern  will be included with your order of the silk.  2 skeins of silk are needed.

The shawl can be knit from the Knitting Goddess Silk,  Knitting Goddess So Soft Silk or Knitting Goddess So Soft Silk with Beads.

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Mark down price will show in cart after the Forty off code is entered.  $36.00

Shawl measures 13" X 100. 

This stunning stole kit includes the pattern and Knitting Goddess Silk!
What a fun, but pretty yarn! I am so often asked, "Do you have yarn without any wool?" Well here is a wonderful answer to that question. My Knitting Goddess, Ribbons and Beads. This is a soft acrylic yarn that is wrapped with a thread that has beads and ribbons attached which throughout the yarn.
Helen's Lace by Lorna Laces is a beautiful blend of 50% Tuscan Silk and 50% Merino Wool. The yardage is 1250 yards/4 oz one ball, so one ball is all you need for a shawl. There is a pattern on the back of the label, but this yarn can be used for any pattern that requires a lace weight yarn. This beautiful yarn can be substituted in any pattern that calls for lace weight yarn.
This shawl is easy to knit. When you are finished there is no finishing or blocking to size as some shawls require. Knit in a triangle shape, you start at the bottom and as you increase the bobbles are added. Bobbles are easy and fun to make.