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Throw Down the Gauntlet has been my most popular kit. I designed a sock using the pretty cuff of the gauntlet as the top of the sock.
Is learning to knit socks on your to do list? This is an easy to follow beginners kit. You can choose to work from the cuff down or toes up. Instructions are included for both methods.
3 different sizes of cable needles for use with different weights of yarns.
Knit with Mrs. Crosby's traincase, a sock weight yarn. Available in beautiful colors.
This yarn is so gorgeous: a beautiful blend of silk and wool. And the price is great!
This is an elegant and easy to knit shawl that makes a pretty accent to any outfit.
This adorable baby sweater knits up easily and quickly. Use a cute novelty yarn like the one pictured here to make it even more adorable.
Silk flowers. Perfect for scarfs! Trims!
Helen's Lace by Lorna Laces is a beautiful blend of 50% Tuscan Silk and 50% Merino Wool. The yardage is 1250 yards/4 oz one ball, so one ball is all you need for a shawl. There is a pattern on the back of the label, but this yarn can be used for any pattern that requires a lace weight yarn. This beautiful yarn can be substituted in any pattern that calls for lace weight yarn.
Set of 3
This shawl is easy to knit. When you are finished there is no finishing or blocking to size as some shawls require. Knit in a triangle shape, you start at the bottom and as you increase the bobbles are added. Bobbles are easy and fun to make.
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