Happy New Year!
by The Knitting Goddess
on 12/17/13 03:25 pm
by knit239 on 12/17/13 3:03 pm
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Do you make any New Year’s resolutions? Normally I don’t. But since I started my blog, every year I have written a New Year’s post. Here is part of what I wrote from last year:
1. I resolve to finish 3 of my UFO (Un Finished Objects!) before I start a new one
2. I vow not to buy ANY more yarn for the next 3 months.
3. I promise to go on a yarn “diet” and lose 20% of my over weight yarn stash.
4. I will finish the sweater that I started 9 years ago. I purchased the yarn when I went on a knitting retreat with my sisters.

So how did I do? Well let’s see:

1. For about 3 weeks I worked diligently on my projects but then I got bored and started something new.
2. Not buying any yarn? That lasted 10 days!
3. Well how do we “weight” our yarn stash anyway!
4. UMMM. I didn’t finish this sweater last year either.

From time to time I like to make a list of all my unfinished projects. I am not sure if this makes me feel better as I check them off the list or if I feel worse because I have so many projects and seemingly so little time. Here is my list. This is just the projects that I have on my needles, not the ones in the queue waiting to be designed and started. Sometimes when I go over my list, I decide that I will never finish one of the project(s) because I don’t like it anymore or it is out of style. Then I put it in the bag to donate to a resale shop. This way I can get rid of the guilt that I have for not finishing it. I put it out in the universe for someone else to use and then make way to start a new project that I have more enthusiasm to finish.

My current list:
1. A cardigan made from several different yarns. This was bought at the Stitches West show in 2004! This is my oldest project. I am not sure when I started working on it. I really should put this on the top of the list since I only have to finish one sleeve and then put it together.
2. An Irish knit sweater. I bought the yarn on my trip to Ireland in October, 2011. So this one is not too old. It is a lovely shade of green so it is not quite a traditional Irish sweater. I have to join the sleeves with the body. Then the yoke is knit in one piece.
3. A beaded scarf that is knit from yarn that I bought in London. It is almost finished.
4. A beautiful pink shawl from my Knitting Goddess silk and beads. This yarn is so soft to knit with that I am enjoying knitting it and it is almost finished.
5. A pair of socks knit from my Knitting Goddess alpaca sock yarn. I am not sure I like the pattern that I designed so I might rip them out and start again. I do this a lot when I knit my own designs.
6. A scarf from yarn that I bought while I visiting my daughter in Prague when she was studying abroad.
7. A shawl from Helen’s Laces.
8. A swirl sweater.

This year I realize that my unfinished project list is not that long. I have had as many as 16 projects on my needles. I am thinking that project #1 is 10 years old. That one should probably go out to the universe! I am thinking if I haven’t finished it in 10 years what makes me think I will finish it this year? #3, 4, 6 and 7 are almost finished. #8 will re ripped out and redesigned into something else. I have seen too many of swirls finished. I think it will be too big for me to feel comfortable in. That leaves #2 and 5 to finish. The beginning of 2014 is looking pretty good. Maybe this year I can safely say that my knitting resolution is to finish those 4 projects before I start anything new? I think I can keep that? Will you make a list? How long will it be? Are you making any resolutions? I wish you a Happy New Year filled with health, happiness and MANY finished projects!

It is always a heavenly day to knit

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