PhD List
by The Knitting Goddess
on 01/04/16 02:30 pm
by knit239 on 01/04/16 2:02 pm

What is a PhD in knitting terms?  A partially half done project.

I like to start out every new year by making a list of my projects.  Before I get to this year's list here are the ones from 2015 that I did not finish.  
  1. A cardigan made from several different yarns. This was bought at the Stitches West show in 2004! This is my oldest PhD  This ends up on my list year after year.  I should send this out to the universe and let someone else finish it and enjoy it but for some reason I can't seem to let it go. 
  2. A shawl from Helen’s Laces.  Finished but not worn.  I did not like the way I blocked it so will have to reblock it.     This has been on my mind for over a year.  I keep putting it off.  It wouldn’t take long and I could be wearing it.  I love the stitch I used and the yarn is so sock and pretty.
  3.  An Irish knit sweater for my daughter Kaitlin.  We bought the yarn in Ireland on our fall trip.  I finished this sweater, well almost.  I wrapped it up and gave it to her for Christmas.  She did love it and after she tried it on we decided to change the collar.  I have to rip out the collar and change it.  The other problem is that it is a cardigan and I can’t find the buttons that we bought for it.  So we have to buy new buttons.
  4. An Irish knit sweater for my other daughter Meaghan.  Still not started! 
  5. A summer top from my Knitting Goddess Silk that I started March, 2014! And still not finished!    
Now to add the ones that I started in 2015. 
  1.  A cardigan made from my tweed sisters yarn.  It is almost finished. 
  2. A pullover to use as a model for the sweater class that I teach
  3. A scarf that is to be the sample for the beginning knitting sweater class.
  4. A prayer shawl
  5. The mate to a sock that my friend Mia designed when I visited her in Sweden last summer. 
  6. A sleeveless top designed from my silk.  It only needs to be sewn together. 
So my list is not too bad.  Right?  How long is your list. 

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