New Years Knitting
by The Knitting Goddess
on 01/08/15 11:19 am
by knit239 on 01/08/15 11:11 am

Do you make any New Year’s resolutions? Normally I don’t. But since I started my blog, every year I have written a New Year’s post about my UFO’s.  If I have to explain what that means than you must be one of the lucky few who does not have any unfinished projects.
Before I start on this year’s list, let’s see how I did  on the list from last year. 
1. A cardigan made from several different yarns. This was bought at the Stitches West show in 2004! This is my oldest unfinished project. I am not sure when I started working on it. Still not finished.  Not even touched.  Unless you count moving it around in my closet as having touched it!

2. An Irish knit sweater. I bought the yarn on my trip to Ireland in October, 2011. So this one is not too old. It is a lovely shade of green so it is not quite a traditional Irish sweater. Finished but not yet worn.

3. A beaded scarf that is knit from yarn that I bought in London. It is almost finished. Finished and worn!   

4. A beautiful pink shawl from my Knitting Goddess silk and beads. This yarn is so soft to knit with that I enjoyed knitting it.   Finished and worn often.  If you visited me at a show you probably saw either myself or someone in the booth wearing it.  To see the colors that are available in the silk without beads click here.  To see the colors with beads click here.

5. A pair of socks knit from my Knitting Goddess alpaca sock yarn. Finished and worn a lot.  It is cold in Chicago!

6. A scarf from yarn that I bought while I visiting my daughter in Prague when she was studying abroad.  Finished last January and worn a lot through last year’s polar vortex and now this cold snap. 

7. A shawl from Helen’s Laces.  Finished but not worn.  I did not like the way I blocked it so will have to reblock. I plan to do so and get this one ready for spring.  I will take a picture because it turned out so pretty.  This is the pattern stitch I used. 


8. A swirl sweater.  Ripped out!  I realized that it was going to be way too big for me. 
So I did pretty well from my last year’s list.  I only really have #1 to finish.  That project is 10 years old.  Usually when a project gets that old I put it out in the universe by  donating it to charity so someone else can finish it or reuse the yarn.  The problem with this project is that the yarn was very expensive so I am reluctant to part with it.  So I guess this will remain as my #1.
2.  An Irish knit sweater for my daughter Kaitlin.  We bought the yarn in Ireland on our fall trip.  I have done one sleeve and the back.  As I work on the other sleeve she has to decide if she wants a cardigan or a pullover so I can start the front.  I am very happy with the way it is turning out.  And so is she!

3.  An Irish knit sweater for my other daughter Meaghan.  Her’s is not started yet.  I will finish her sister’s first. She does want a cardigan.  I also have to design something different. 
4.  A summer top from my Knitting Goddess Silk that I started last March so I would have it ready for last summer.  I put it away when I realized that I would not finish it for summer.     I want to finish the two Irish sweaters before I finish this one.
5. The mate to my sampler sock.  This is one of my most popular kits but I could never wear them.   I actually thought I had finished these but when I compared them I saw that I had made the leg of one sock way longer than the other one.  I cut the cuff off the shorter sock and am now reknitting the cuff.  If you have not shortened or lengthened a knitted piece after it was done it is easy to do.  You can see my easy to follow video here.

That’s it!  This is the shortest my list has been.  I guess I better get my head swirling with designs and onto my needles. 
How long is your list?  What is the oldest project on your list?   

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