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by The Knitting Goddess
on 12/10/14 01:48 pm
by knit239 on 12/10/14 1:01 pm

Do you need a quick gift?    This is a quick (about an hour project) that is fun and makes a great gift for all your reading friends. And at Christmas time they can hang it on their tree.  You can use your imagination for all kinds of variations:



Materials:     Scrap sock yarn, (14 Yards)
        Size 1 double points
                           Small size crochet hook, tapestry needle
Cast on 13 Stitches. Begin circular knitting:  Knit 4 stitches onto 1 needle, 5 stitches on second needles and 4 stitches on third needle.  Join and knit 11 rounds. 

HEEL: Work on 8 stitches.  (The remaining 4 will be worked for the instep later)
With the number 3 needle that already has 4 stitches knit the next four onto needle 3.  Wrong side is facing. 
Row 1 Slip 1 purl remaining
Row 2 *Slip1, Knit 1 * across the row. 
Repeat 2 rows 3 times total.

Work row 1.  Begin circular knitting again.  With wrong side facing P2 tog across the row.  4 Stitches remain.  Knit 2 stitches onto 1 needle, knit 2 with a new needle, pick up 4 stitches with same needle, K5 from next needle; pick up 4 stitches along heel flap, knit 2.  17sts  total; 6 on 1st needle, 5 on second and 6 on third.  Knit 1 round.
Decrease round:  Needle 1, knit to last 3 stitches, k 2 tog, knit one,  Needle 2: knit 5, Needle 3:  k 1, ssk knit remaining.  Repeat these two rounds once.  13 remain. 

Work 10 rounds including the decrease rounds. K 2 tog across round.  Break yarn and thread a needle and run it through all the stitches gathering them tightly.  Weave yarn into sock.  Attach yarn to the top of the sock, working in chain stitch to the desired length.  Attach to the top of the second sock.  Tie off loose ends. 

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