Posistion of Buttons on a Buttonhole Band
by The Knitting Goddess
on 10/06/14 11:14 am
by knit239 on 10/06/14 11:11 am
Categories: My Thoughts

Typically the buttons for a woman’s cardigan are placed on the left side while the buttons for a man’s cardigan are placed on the right side.

 While I was knitting the buttonhole bands of the baby cardigan I was making, I began to wonder why this it is necessary to place the buttons on opposite side for men and women.  After a little research I learned that when buttons were first invented only the rich could afford them.  Wealthy woman normally had maids that dressed them.  Since more people are right handed than left handed the buttons were positioned on the left side of a lady’s garment so the right handed maids could more easily button them.  Wealthy men usually dressed themselves so the buttons were placed on the right side. 

I suppose we have just kept this way of placing buttons on our garments because it would be a little weird to start buttoning our buttons on opposite sides.  Most of us don’t like change!

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