Visit to a Fiber Studio
by The Knitting Goddess
on 06/13/14 02:23 pm
by knit239 on 06/13/14 2:02 pm
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High Prairie Fiber

While at one of my fiber shows, I met a woman named Abi.  Abi  owns High Prairie Fibers.  She dyes and spins beautiful  yarns in small quantities.    She invited me to her studio so I could see how yarn is spun.  She said she would be happy to work with me to develop colors and yarns for my website.    We had so much fun playing with all her  gorgeous fibers and wonderful colors!  

It made me realize that I had never thought about where my yarn came from or how it was made.  Did you ever wonder how you get from them: 

to this:

If you are like me you might not have given it much thought.  Well when I visited Abi, she unraveled the mystery for me!  After a sheep or alpaca is sheared you end up with this:
The fleece is carded and sorted so the bits and pieces that are not part of the fiber  are removed.  They go through a machine:

Then Abi dyes the fiber.  She space dyes her yarn.   I was so interested in how she did it that I forgot to take pictures.  She takes the fleece and lays it out flat.    She then puts the colors that she wants to use on different areas of the fiber.  When the colors are dry.  She uses a machine:

This machine takes the fiber and turns it into mounds of fiber that looks like cotton candy:

She then uses a machine that takes the fiber and spins it into strands.  Then she takes as many of the strands that she wants and uses them to ply together into the finished yarn.